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Hot Product -- Inconel X-750 Compression Spring


The Inconel X-750 alloy is mainly made of γ ̈ [Ni3 (Al, Ti, Nb)] phase aging strengthening nickel-based superalloy, with good corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance below 980 °C, high strength below 800 °C, good relaxation resistance below 540 °C, good formability and welding performance, and low temperature environment. Excellent mechanical properties.

  • Material :

- Inconel X-750

  • Finishing & Coating :

- Natural

- Nickel plating ,Zinc plating ,

- Power Coating (Black),Oil

- As per customer's requirement

  • Size :

Begins From 2.0-20mm Or As per custom design or requirement

  • Drawing Size :

- Wire Diameter 

- Outside Diameter

- Free Length

- Number Of Turns

Coil Spring

  • Features :

- Good corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance

- High strength

- Good relaxation resistance

- Good formability and welding performance

- Excellent mechanical properties.

  • Application:

The alloy is mainly used in the manufacture of aerospace engines that operate below 800 ° C and require high strength, slack-resistant planar springs and coil springs. It can also be used to make parts such as turbine blades.


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